Sun Comes Up

by GRV

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released November 1, 2011

Alex Mackenzie-Low - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ted Kleist - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Harris - Drums
Alex Cochran - Keys
Chris Cook - Bass




Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


GRV Denver, Colorado

Straight out of Denver, Colorado, Green River Vibe has set the mark for progressive reggae-rock music that knows few stylistic boundaries. The result is highly energetic dance music that solidifies with G.R.V.’s passionately positive message. With ongoing desire to break the mold and spontaneously shock fans, Green River Vibe continues to evolve and spark interest over a wide range of music lovers ... more

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Track Name: Calling Of The Angels
Speaking of the calling of the angels, I’m coming through, oh I do
Here’s to the one I didn’t know, she came and took my girl
Here’s to the friends I didn’t know, peace be to you, you’re on your way

Come what may, come fire and come the rain
It’s all in the same; I’m building bridges with my name
Fresh like strawberry, stay hot like the rain
I’m watching the tide, sticking my thumb out for the ride
I’m kicking it high, wanting to get the other side
Kid on my name, but don’t get in my eye
Verse 2:
Such a sweet sound, I make music the best that it can be
It takes a beat to set a pace now we all just fly free
With the passion that I script now it lifts me into the sky no questions
In this groove I can’t deny it sends me high
I fly with such a calling to my eye now I realize that calling of the angels
Now I take shots at every single angle, kind of playful
Remain humble with the point of view just to remain one of the few
Still looking’ for the clue of a better life
Pass the mic and let my lyrics take flight
I see it past the ocean now I see its all commotion
Leave me going’ man it’s poetry in motion
Track Name: It's All Right
Verse 1:
The mood open wide and our sight closing in
In the still of the night, mama where do we begin?
Well I’d love to chill, collect your thoughts all day
But your heart is such a riddle and I’m pulling on your strings
Hoping our thoughts could explode
All around your soul I know, I know
You’re just dying to be free so I’ll let go

I thought of loving’ so divine it could take breathe away
Yeah when exotic meets exotic our souls, pure love and passion
Putting’ no reason to the test
But how my mind likes to wander off, give it rest
Real world yeah we all know it’s a part of life
But is it possible that dreams wouldn’t end when I awake from the night
Yeah we all need something beautiful
So girl chase yours down, I hope you find what you’re looking for

It’s all right, my girl, It’s alright well I know
I’ve been down that road before and I ended up wasting’ time
Traveling far for love right outside of my door

Verse 2:
It’s okay and it’s all right, you’ll find a lover for the night
And if you change your mind you’ll know where to find me
But I won’t be there, no, no
Such is the mystery of time and place
And then we’re off and then we’re on our way
Such is the mystery of time and place
You find a happy ending to your story someday
Track Name: With Energy
Go ahead and take a step outside
On the fall of an eve, it wouldn’t break them down
Though all the pieces that rose seemed to have fallen down
Their land a disgrace yet hope on their face, see them move on
And the gov’ told em’ they’re sure to fall if they don’t follow
Gave em’ drugs and T.V., and watched them swallow
A tame beast makes for a subtle feast
And the families tune in, drop out, get high, cop out
You name it they buy it selling their soul for a riot
What happened to love and simple life there-of?
There-of, There-of, There-of, There-of

I see the earth and the trees, they are a’ fallen’ down, are you gonna follow?
I see the open seas yearning for us to be free, yet we cling to dry land
So many look for a sign, sit around a’ wondering’ why
Not a damn thing is changing
The time is soaring by, yet no one moves and I, I ain’t gonna follow

Verse 2:
See I and I praise the day, come again I
I see it as pure, poetry in motion obscure
Intangible forms of expression, people love and learn in succession
Synergy, our minds in collective, bridges we burn in perception
Let us forget not our blessings, nothing but out faith we’re accepting
Let it all go, just let it all out
Get where you need to be 'cause life moves with
Energy, with energy, oh with energy, with energy
Verse 1
Track Name: When It All Goes Down
Verse 1:
The party was jumping; n everybody’s feeling alright,
I saw you in the moon, the moon light
And I started thinking, what’s another to do?
My cards they are played, the bet it is on, and all I can think,

I think about is you, ‘cause it’s for you, it’s for you, you

Where you gonna be when it all goes down?
I won’t be far, no, no

Verse 2:
I saw your face yesterday, but it wasn’t quite the same
Your eyes they had lied like does color does blind
Like does doubt in my mind, I see, you with me?
It happens all the time when I’m naked in the rain
My eyes looked to you ’cause I wanted the truth
But you didn’t know what to do so I left, but it’s for you
The high night, the crowd is alive tell it
G.R.V. with the vibe let’s spread it yell it
I write songs to move us along you?
I write songs to get me along too
And she’s there the wind in her hair
She’s a tempest, a goddess, a rare breed
She sings free far away from me
And I feel fine, no lie, I could live without
‘Cause when it all goes down I’ll be there first one
To break laws help the fallen for a just cause
But I never thought I’d fall in love with a fallout
Never picking up on your phone when I call out
But I’m a call out when the siren rings
And if you’re packing up your things know they won’t last long
‘Cause the times are all a changing go!
Track Name: Redemption, My Friend
Redemption, My Friend

Verse 1:
As I was walking by, I felt desire
To breath among the trees in life, can't get no higher
My love, it rests, I've done my best
That's all I care for, and I'm waiting for some more time to
Live, and learn again, to feel no pressure
Forget the way our kind tends to measure
Worth, success, a joke, at best
It's a foolish game, one that you can never win
That's why I take my time, na, na, enjoy the vibration
'Cause it's love, and it knows no hesitation
It fills the void, I have no choice, but to give it my all
Realize I need to accept the fall, if I'm a get right back up again

And I say what you say, we all play the game
No competent reason for purpose my friend
How can you say you're losing faith? Oh, na, no, no
I say what you say, redemption my friend
These times they are coming' and going' an end
The light is not so far away, oh na, no, no

Verse 2:
The newborns in their cribs, they're growing older
And old childhood friends becoming strangers
The times they are a changing'
So sink or swim, it's your choice alone my friend
Just know I'm there, man life is hard but not in vein
It's a struggle in your mind to stay sane
None but ourselves can free our mind
Something I hope you’ll find before you drop the ball and learn to resign
Pick yourself back up again

It's a crazy game
So easy to lose your way
Verse 1
Track Name: Sun Comes Up (Feat. Knobby Roots)
Sun Comes Up
Sun comes up, I’m a keep going', growing', going', groin'

Verse 1:
Hopping on a train, my roots mundane
Sacrificing' a knowing', a showing' I'll be okay
That's what they say, na na, but then they change, na na
Forget the price that they paid, forget the loving' they gave
Yea them cold nights, bitter fights, where was my mind then?
Living' in a prison of mental walls and lonely hymns
That's where I find my friends, they are my motivation
Music is my inspiration, contemplate my soul's decisions
Learn to love and live with them
I got love, and all is well
I find peace in knowing' myself
Knowing' mistakes make me grow, n' the more I know the less I know
Let the mic take control as I hear the beat flow

Verse 2:
With the lights down low, and the beat running' slow
So many things cloud my brain, the sound of stress insane
Daily trying' to stay alive, sober Joe or just get high
Where will I find my alibi when the dead end hits, and I'm without a ride?

But for every bad moment there's a better one to come
And it's not black and white, more like fact and fiction
What you make you create, though the lights seems to fade
The ship hit harbor safe, found us dancing in the rain
And we found the key to nothing, but it sure makes us laugh
'Cause we found time to lose time and that time is well spent
The long road ahead, yes we took hand in hand
We took hand in hand; yes we took hand in hand
Though we barely could stand
Track Name: Noise, Noise, Noise
Noise, Noise, Noise by Alex Mackenzie-Low

Verse 1:
The great wide open knows no walls, no
The martyr said I used to love and he called out
Screamed to the masses we are starting to fall
He made noise, noise, noise, and then he moving’ on
And the people said that time is turning into sand
And most of us in the past when the future began
He take the moment do all he can
He make noise, noise, noise, the city’s blazing’ up
He ask the hitch-hiker how high does high go
Cool, calm, collected, he responds let it go
You never know unless you’re dancing up on the ledge
And you’re type ain’t got fight so best return
When you acknowledge how living, how we moving’, how we pushing’ everyday

We make noise, noise, noise
We’re not stale, we are pure, keeping’ it fresh we make
We make noise, noise, noise
I say the youth them be a drivin’ that creative sublimation
Noise, noise, in the streets everyday
You make noise, noise, noise, and on and on it goes this way

Verse 2:
Steez is to art as rhythm is to life
So move with a passion and grab the wheel tight
Graffiti on the streets and revolution in the air
People expressing’ the vibe, making’ moves
They are aware of the times changing’
Moving’ with a cause and with haste
People chasing’ down their dreams oh the reality they face
Day by day ain’t no joke, yes it’s strange
How such a beautiful world could fuck with your head
Flip it around and spread the positive instead
Think with your head and make noise

You hear the people making’ noise
Fade em out, fade em out, keep em in line
You hear the people making’ noise
The free gift of voice but they’ve forgotten their tone
I say be the change
Say what you mean and mean what you say make noise!
Track Name: So Be At Peace
So Be At Peace by Alex Mackenzie-Low

Verse 1:
I travel rivers of sorrow, mountains of color, waves of joy
The road ahead, does it hold redemption for humble people?
To the loving voice
I love to believe that there is an answer
A universal feeling, yes a common grace
So do you believe in the path you take?
All the noise around you starts to fade away
And you are living a dream in your waking day

Let down, let down, be at peace with your time and your place
Let down, let down, where you live, love, learn, and relate
Live the day, waking day, that waking life

Verse 2:
So dream as if you'll live forever
And keep on living as if you'll die today
Laugh as much as you breathe
This beautiful gift I would never trade
So when you're alone in the city
Walking through the darkness and nobody cares
Let your light shine on and let your passion sing
For all will find a home if they believe
So open your heart and love fearlessly
Track Name: Love Has No Time
Love Has No Time by Ted Kleist

Verse 1:
When you lay down your head tonight I want to know what you’re thinking’
And when you fall asleep girl in your fantasy world, can I be on your mind tonight?
Your mind just started racing, your thoughts are elevating
Your blood is pumping faster, escape a fate disaster
Won’t you listen to it, your soul can guide you threw it
Just let your heart decide girl, yeah
When you’re all alone you know you can count on me whenever you need a friend
Know you’re still my lover girl until the end

'Cause we are born to love yeah, our genetics are magnetic to the stuff yeah
To be complete our souls just need to unite for one night it’s tonight
Could this still be real life? Oh yeah
‘Cause you are my one and only, the only girl to ever disown me
But then my loving’ said I’ll be your desire girl just let me in
We’ll travel the world like we should’ve back then
It can’t be too late girl ‘cause love has no time
Your beauty still haunts me every night
Track Name: Plants
Plants by Ted Kleist and Alex Mackenzie-Low

Murky is the water and faithful is my steed
Lately making’ money but that money ain’t so clean
It’s got to cross some boarders, many state and county lines
One thing is for sure those deputies would love to find

I got plants growing’ all the time, I got a few shady friends of mine
I got an indoor and outdoor solution
So what’s left, well I don’t know
I got a big pile of pure white snow but I don’t intend to use it

'Cause what I ask is what I want to know
Twenty years now where am I suppose to go?

Johnny law, he ain’t no friend of mine
When I get out this pen, his sancho ass I’ll find
I’ll chop him down just like the plants I grew
'Cause this old town ain’t big enough for two
Track Name: Sweet Summertime Darlin'
Sweet Summertime Darlin’ by Alex Mackenzie-Low

Verse 1:
And when you feel it and I care, it lets me know you’re really there
Sweet loving’ Sunshine, I want you near me all the time
Been around the world just trying to find, the one that feels me in their mind
And I got a feeling’ it is you, and nothing’ else I’d rather do
Than kick it in the shade with you

Pre-Chorus (Freestyle)

Sweet summertime darlin', my mind’s a racing’ and a calling’
Trying’ a get some more, get some more
Sweet summertime darlin’, my mind’s a racing’ and a calling’
Trying’ a get some more, get some more
Would you like to get some more my dear, you want to get some more?

I hit the deck I was naked and cold, I needed to find a home
A place to crash before my mind collapsed
That’s when I met you girl, so sweet so soft
I want to kick it all the time, but you keep drifting’ off into the endless sea
Girl just be here with me, n I’ll love you like wine
Moves so fresh, rocking’ your body it’s time, let’s go
You’re in my head you know
Track Name: We Like To Party
We Like To Party

Verse 1:
One time, I tell ya bring the hip-hop, one time I tell ya man we don’t stop
You can call it what you like, you can call it what you want
We toke the cali buds and rock it all night long
So when the cops be coming’ tell em’ to go home
We spreading’ the love, n you know that we got the soul
One time, I tell ya man we don’t stop

'Cause we like, we like to party

So wrap it up tight, make this J last all night
We be feeling’ just fine, chilling back and relaxing’
Verse 1

'Cause I came here to have a good time
One shot man no chance to rewind
So grab your forty, light your spliff
Man, whatever it takes for you to dig this riff
Rollin’ down the lazy river with a glass of wine
The pleasures combine, I’m feeling’ so fine
So light your blunt, n tip your pint
Hey man, whatever it takes to keep you rocking’ tonight
Track Name: Play Around (It Ain't A Chore)
Play Around (It Ain’t A Chore) by Alex Mackenzie-Low

Life a waking painting to wake and breathe the day I
Can testify no better way upon what may I can say, it’s all good
My step out the door is nothing more than a handshake
And time may change but one’s the same threw all the heart break
The air is pure, the grass is soft, people change, and time falls off
But you got to respect the views around you do what you always really wanted to
No hype or buzz ‘cause in the end that’s all you really got to lose

Oh yeah you got to live a little more, he want to see what this life can explore
You play around it ain’t a chore, no, no

You make your own reality so spark a light and build a dream
Love when it feels like the worst thing to do
Look at your neighbor in the eye, share a thought and hear his mind
You may find possibility all around you
I’m stepping’ out not coming’ back until I’m threw